Panebarco & C. is a family company

with a strong expertise in developing cartoons and animated stories for business purposes (both promotional adv or explainer videos).

We can manage the entire lifecycle of a cartoon, from the very first concept to the final release.

Panebarco & C. mainly works for startups, SMEs, and communication agencies.


At the moment we are focused on two original IPs:
– the 3d animated TV series “The Incredible Adventures of a creative family” (status: in development)
The series was co-financed by Emilia-Romagna Film Commission within the audiovisual “project development call”
– the 3d animated short film “Caramelle – sweet memories” (status: in production)
The short has received a grant from the Italian Ministry of Culture for selective development grants (this grant covers 43% of the budget)

We are looking for:
– buyers and investors for our TV series (still in development)
– distributors and investors for our short movie (in production)

If you are interest in our independent projects, send an email to
and ask for further info and material.

Our motto

Any enterprise has a good idea, any good idea is worth becoming a story, any story could be well animated!

So let’s go and cartoon the world!

Some of our works


EU project explainer video Client: EUFIC


TV commercial Client: Playstation Production: JumpCut Media Milano

Chupa Chups

TV commercial Client: Perfetti Spa Agency: Selection Milano Product: Chupa Chups Post production: Iggy Post Milano


This is just a selection of our works, visit the Works page to discover more.

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