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(in production)
2d animated feature film

Panebarco is also working, as service company, at the 2d animated feature film “ARF”.

“ARF”, directed by Anna Russo and Simona Cornacchia, is produced by Genoma in collaboration with Margutta Studios.

ARF is a child, but he can’t speak. ARF barks. Born in a country oppressed by war and dictatorship, ARF is rescued by Bianca, a female dog who raises him with her stray pack. They live on a hillside on the edge of the city. But when war comes to this magical place, the pack is scattered by a round-up and ARF is taken to a prison camp along with many other children.
Even in that sad place, he finds friends and continues to smile. In the prison camp, ARF will cause havoc, make it a playground and even meet the terrible Dictator!

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