A Panebarco (IT) Production in collaboration with 3dados Media (COL)
3d animation short movie with mocap and ai backgrounds
10’ Black comedy and drama

In a small suburban apartment, two parents are waiting, with trepidation and hope, their teenage daughter’s metamorphosis into a beatle.

But on the fateful day, the little girl wakes up and finds herself absolutely “normal”, no
trasformation has occured in her: how to confess it to her parents, who are now betting everything on the great media coverage of her metamorphosis and on her bright future as a VIP cockroach?

“Beatle” is a paradoxical and bitter story about transformation and about youthful distress.

It tells about that moment in life when you grow up, it photographs the transition between childhood and adult life. That very delicate moment, in which you feel fragile and inadequate and you question yourself about your identity, inclinations and aspirations. You find yourself alone with your thoughts but at the same time you are part of a community that has expectations of you.

You are a single individual but you already have a role in the society and in this delicate balance, it is essential to find the strength and courage to assert your own personality. Beatle also talks about how harmful it can be to project onto our children our delusions of grandeur, our dreams of glory.

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