Golia Herbs – TV commercial

The collaboration with Spook continues for another engaging adv for Golia. After the Marsican bear bursts into the living room, the magic of video post-production catapults the spectators into the colors and flavors of the Alps. BREATHE GOLIA, and get ready to experience a new intense adventure!
Thanks to our bold collaborators Marvin Tomizzi and Simone Nastasi.


Client: Perfetti Van Melle S.p.A
Product: Golia alle Erbe Alpine
Subject: Herbs Machine
Agency: Selection Communication & Design
Creative Communication Manager: Antonia Capasso
Copywriter: Marco Pappalardo
Art Director: Stefano Colombo
Director: Henry Littlechild
Production: Selection Production
Producer: Marta Stella
Photography: Diego Indraccolo
Edit: Luca Angeleri
Post Production: Spook
Music “Herbs Machine” by Ian Kellet
Location: Studio Milano/Sentiero delle Cascate, Val di Genova (TN)

Panebarco’s team
3D Modeling: Marvin Tomizzi
Physics simulation and particle VFX: Matteo Panebarco, Simone Nastasi