The Sack of Energy – Feature Film

Feature film – 3d animation – Musical
A Panebarco production (IT) about sustainability and environment, based on a comics by Daniele Panebarco.

In a far away galaxy, beyond the infinite, there live the Masters in charge of creating Universes. To create them, each Master has a magic trumpet and a sack of pure energy; every Master has a student to whom he teaches the mysteries of creation.

Forced to leave on a long journey, Master Three entrusts the tools of creation to his disciple Epimetheus, advising him not to open the bag for any reason, since the energy contained in it is immature and cannot give rise to anything perfect. But Epimetheus cannot resist the temptation and thus gives life to an unstoppable chain of events, which retraces, in a funny and imaginative way, the history of our planet, of mankind, and of its relationship with energy and with the exploitation of natural resources.

When the specter of unbridled consumerism and greed now seems to overwhelm the earth and its small inhabitants, leaving no way out, Master Three returns and tells them not to forget that they live in Nature and Nature has its time. A tree blooms when the time is right, not because a clock says so. Therefore it is wiser to listen to your heart beating more than looking at your clock ticking!

Before flying away, Master Three leaves a small fragile bird as a gift to men: Hope!

In 2010, we produced a 38-minute film version of The Sack of Energy, which was a sort of animated fairy tale with a narration voiceover and original music by Maestro Luciano Titi. This version was screened in theaters all over Italy with an actor and musicians playing live.

At the moment we are developing a full-length feature film script with dialogues and songs.

Looking for artistic key roles, co-producers, broadcasters and investors.

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