52X11′ – TV show for kids 7-11 – 2d cutout animation

Created and produced by Panebarco (IT)
Written by Robin Lyons and Enrico Nocera
Co-produced by Telegael (IE) and Calon (UK)
Co-financed by Emilia Romagna Film Commission and MIC
Executive Producer: Steve Walsh (UK)

Looking for co-producers, investors, distributors and broadcasters

Available material:
1′,30’’ teaser
full bible
5 full scripts
provisional budget

There’s #NostoppingNora, a computer-crazy eleven-year-old whose philosophy is

I_code therefore {I_am;}

She loves hanging out at her aunt’s #digitalagency leading the revolution in digital solutions.

But not every problem can be solved sitting at a keyboard.
It’s not enough to be smart, you also need a heart.

you_need 2 #communicate;
you_need 2 #connect

#NostoppingNora is about communication in the #digitalworld.

It’s about how problems cannot be solved by photoshopping your profile picture.
It’s about how popularity cannot be gauged by the number of likes on a social media site.

It’s about how digital media can be a force for good.
It’s also about how to avoid its dangers.

And it’s a comedy!

Contact us at info@panebarco.it to know more about it.


Nonna Rosa, Nonno Gino, Nonna Nicla and Nonno Carmine
Daniele Panebarco and Lucia Russo
Silvia Versari
Matteo Koronel

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